Close Knit - Snap #301

Snap Judgment proudly presents "Close Knit." Amazing stories about the ties that bind.


First Friend

What is the one thing that a two and half pound newborn baby needs more than anything else?

The Scott Sisters

Sisters have a special bond, but sisters Jamie and Gladys Scott are tested and forced to prove just how far they will go for one another.

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Producer: Anna Sussman

Marathon Boy

Bhudia runs marathons. Sometimes he runs DOUBLE marathons. And he isn’t even old enough to tie his shoelaces. Why does this boy run?

This piece was based on the incredible documentary, Marathon Boy by Gemma Atwal.  You have got to watch it yourself to find out the whole story.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Baby Daddy

A high school romance between a nerd and the hard edged rocker girl takes on a new meaning when a phone call comes two decades later that could change everything.

Big Poppa E is a poetry slam champion, writer and journalist who just released, “The Whole Wide World”, a full-length book collection of rants, screeds and confessions.

Find more of his work at

Producer: Jamie DeWolf
Sound Design by Renzo Gorrio


Chambers Stevens had the perfect family life growing up until one day his perfect father was transformed into a fowl figure.  

Besides being a storyteller, Chamber Stevens, is an award winning writer, director and acting coach in Los Angeles.  You can learn more about Chambers at

Producer: Mark Ristich and Rita Daniels

The Holy House

Growing up in the Deep South wasn’t easy for a family of Hindu vegetarians. Dhaya Lakshminarayanan’s family was desperate for some good vegetarian nosh, but how far were they willing to go?

This piece was performed at the Fireside Storytelling event in San Francisco.

Producer: Stephanie Foo