Mettle - Snap #731

It's an all-new Snap…"Mettle." Luck is nice, good fortune fantastic, but sometimes you have to show what you are made of.

Electric Fence - Snap 731

As a country boy, Glynn puts his family pride on the line when his neighbor challenges him to the ultimate test of manhood.


In 1979, a four-seater cessna carrying Norman Ollestad, his dad and his dad’s girlfriend violently crashed onto the top of an ~8,000-foot mountain. He was just 11 years old.


To learn more about Norman’s story, check out his book -- Crazy for the Storm. Be sure to also check out his latest thriller, French Girl With Mother.

Producer and Original Score: Davey Kim

One Drop - Snap 731

For 10-year-old Greg Williams, life  was good...until the day his mom left.

To learn more about Greg’s story, check out his book Life on the Color Line.

Producer: Adizah Eghan
Score and Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Third King - Snap 731

What happens when history calls on you to step up? We go to Standing Rock to find out.

Lance King is an Oglala Lakota Headsman from Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. For more information on his grandfather, Matthew H. King, check out “Noble Red Man: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Matthew King.” 


Producer: Liz Mak

Score and Sound Design: Leon Morimoto