Abducted - Snap #202

This week, Snap Judgment presents amazing stories someone taking somebody where they do not want to be.  Listen now, or get the podcast . . .  


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PINs and Nails

Scott Sanders arrived in Shenzhen on a business trip, and checked into a five-star hotel.  Scott had a great time exploring his new neighborhood...until he found himself tied to a cross in an empty apartment building.  Scott’s captors wanted information, and they wanted it NOW.

Scott submitted his story to us via the Snap Judgment website.  Submit your own story and rate others’ right here.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Casualty of Desperation

Chaos and bloodshed engulfed Iraq between 2006-2007.  Jamie Tarabay served as NPR’s Baghdad Bureau Chief during those years, reporting on the horrific tragedies that occured around her.  But disaster hit home when kidnappers seized a member of her colleague’s family.

Jamie’s original piece, produced by herself and Dianna Douglas, can be found here.
Thanks so much to the Third Coast Audio Festival for letting us use tape of Jamie at their last conference.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.


On the MEND

Southern hospitality pays off for a Texas oil worker kidnapped in Nigeria.

Produced by Anna Sussman.

On the Road

While on a cross-country hitchhiking trip, Snap Judgment regular contributor Jeff Greenwald learned that the kindness of strangers sometimes comes with a price.

Produced by Glynn Washington and Stephanie Foo.

Abducted: Full Show

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