A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) - Snap #501

On the next Snap Judgment we proudly present "Artificial Intelligence."  Amazing stories from real people battling a digital future.  

Brain in a Box

Glynn’s tells everyone that his Dad works in a secret underground lab developing the first artificial brain.  But these kids demand proof . . .

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Robot Boy

Lyndon Baty never knew what it was like to talk to other kids. His illness kept him trapped at home in total seclusion.  But one day, Lyndon figures a way out.


Producer: Julia Dewitt

Sound Design: Julia Dewitt and Renzo Gorrio

Defender of the Internet

Keeping the internet safe from scum requires heavy duty computing power, old-fashioned moral judgment, and a strong constitution.  One man decides to play Sheriff when the Artificial Intelligence can’t tell good from evil.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Sim Stephanie

Stephanie Foo had a love-hate relationship with that old computer game the Sims.  But when she steps foot into the latest version of the game, the AI is so good, her new Sim acts more like Stephanie than Stephanie does.

Producer: Stephanie Foo