All Eyes On Me - Snap #924

Stories about that moment when everyone in the room, everyone in the building, everyone in the world, is looking right at you.

Mirror Touch - Snap #924 'All Eyes On Me"

As a  medical school student, Joel Salinas was obsessed with the human brain. He couldn’t wait to start his rotation in the psychiatric ward. But as soon as he got to work, his own senses began to turn on him.

Joel Salinas is a neurologist at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Neurology.

He is the author of Mirror Touch: A Memoir of Synesthesia and the Secret Life of the Brain

Producer: Adizah Eghan

What Accent?

When Ellen Spencer was released from the hospital after a mysterious stroke-like episode her voice would never be the same again.

Producer: Julia DeWitt
Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller

The Bat Boy And The Pine Tar Game

Every baseball fan has heard of the superstar hitter George Brett and his infamous Pine Tar Game…but have you heard of the bat boy’s version? 

For more info, check out Daniel Barbarisi’s story in the Wall Street Journal.

Producer: Davey Kim
Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio