Belly Of The Beast - Snap #925

If you're smart, you keep your enemy off guard, but even the smartest, tricksiest, craftiest must enter..."The Belly Of The Beast." 

Featuring one man who was swallowed by a hippo ( for real), and another who fought his way out of the city's dirty underbelly.

Belly Of The Beast - Snap 925

When you’re a safari guide on the Zambezi River, you always know that things could go horribly wrong. You can find Paul Templer’s memoir here.

Producer: Erika Lantz
Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

Fight Club

The first rule about fight club is you do not talk about fight club. Ray Christian breaks that rule.

You can hear more of Ray on his podcast What's Ray Saying.

Producer: Mark Ristich

Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

Fish Whisperer

For Father’s Day, a nine-year-old boy is taken on a Father-Son backpacking trip through the Sierra Mountains. When the campers arrive at a Lake without fishing poles, the young boy innovates a new way to fish.

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Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller