Blood Oath - Snap #722

On the next all-NEW Snap..."Blood Oath." Some commitments go way beyond words.

True Friends - Snap 722

Glynn discovers the true meaning of friendship.

Producer: Leon Morimoto

The Belfast Project - Snap 722

It’s not always easy to deal with the past, especially if it’s a troubled one. Do you hold on to it or do you let it go? For Anthony McIntyre the answer was easy.

Anthony McIntyre is a journalist and you can check out his writings on his website: The Pensive Quill.

Thank you to Ed Moloney for sharing the archival tape of the Brendan Hughes interviews from the Belfast Project that were featured in his book, Voices from the Grave.

And to learn more about the Belfast Project subpoenas check out this

Producer: Nancy Lopez

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

Love At No Sight from CBC's "Love Me" - Snap 722

Two best friends have never met in person ... and one of them insists they keep it that way.

That was Allison Williams, and that piece was produced by Mira Burt-Wintonick  and Cristal Duhaime for CBC's Love Me. You can hear more at or subscribe on iTunes.

School's Out - Snap 722

Rev. James Seawood recalls the change that swept his Arkansas town in response to the mandate to integrate public schools.

In partnership with StoryCorps, Snap proudly presents "School's Out."

Check out the animated short here.