BUSTED - Episode 114

Glynn Washington has never committed a crime, but that hasn’t stopped them from slapping the cuffs on several times. Clack clack, hands behind the back.  So as a public service, we at Snap Judgment proudly bring you the Busted episode, because whether you did it or not, nobody likes to get caught.

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Drugs in the Trunk

One of our favorite storytellers, Joyce Lee, made excuses for why she didn’t show up to tape a piece.  Joyce told us she'd been “busted.”  What?  Busted?  Keep the tape rolling, baby.  We hit the record button while she related the events of her past night.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.


Berlin Magic Man

Professional illusionist Patrick Martin wows audiences all over the world.  Unfortunately, the East German Border Police don't care about that. Can one magician face off against the might of the Iron Curtain?

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Lab Rat

Nobody likes getting busted, but when Lawrence uncovers evidence that a well-respected scientist is using fake data with million-dollar implications, he lands in the dangerous and uncomfortable role of “Bustee.”

Produced by Roman Mars and Matt Larson.

Land of Entrapment

Alicia is a bad girl. Soon enough, she has to keep fronting to maintain her reputation. But when one wrong move begets another, and then another, getting busted becomes the only hope she has.

This piece is dedicated to the memory of Leah.

Produced by Rita Daniels

DWB: Dancing While Black

Snap Judgment’s host Glynn Washington recounts a story of a night well spent behind bars.

Produced by Roman Mars.

Full Episode BUSTED

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"I'm gonna need you to call my mother. "
"I don't know her."
"I'm gonna need you to call my cousin."
"I don't know him either."
"Um...I'm gonna need you to call my wife."
I will be laughing about that until next week! Thank you for allowing us into the joker-drama to enjoy the laughter.

I was on my way to pick up a pizza Saturday eve (not having been the best of days, needed my comfort food!), and happened upon Glynn Washington's 'Dancing While Black' episode and I thought it was fabulous! So clever, so funny -- Thank you so much for the lift, and I admire your (and your producer's) talent! God bless NPR.


I'm really glad you got a chance to tell this story! It had to be told eventually. What you forgot to mention was that when we finally pick you up from jail (BTW, you still haven't paid back the bail money!!) you where not only dancing in your cell but yelling at the top of your lungs some nonsense in Spanish. Given it back to the man!!

Keep up the great stories!