Campfire Tales IV: Primal - Snap #819

Have you ever happily wandered the woods? Not a care in the world.  Then right after sunset felt a hot, oily breath breathing down your shoulder? Snap Judgment proudly presents "Campfire Tales Primal." 

Sasquatch On The Border

We’ve invited back former Border Patrol Agent Rocky Elmore to tell us more scary stories about life on the border.

Rocky’s previous story with Snap Judgment was The Phantom Border Patrol Agent.

For more stories of natural and supernatural happenings on the border, be sure to check out Rocky’s book, Out On Foot: Nightly Patrols and Ghostly Tales of A U.S. Border Patrol Agent and his website,

Tooki Man

Trekking in Indonesia, Ian and Stuart wander off the beaten path. There, a broken man tells them he knows the way to magic . . .


Producer: Mark Ristich

The Trail Of Polaroids

After arriving home from work, Douglas Leach saw a Polaroid lying on his front step. 
He picked it up. 
He shouldn't have . . .

Past Life Detective

Detective Bob Snow never could have imagined that the toughest case of his entire        career, would be an investigation into his own  Check out Bob Snow’s books here.

Producer: Liz Mak