End Of The Rainbow - Snap #724

On the next all-NEW Snap... "End Of The Rainbow." We all want a world where what we imagine comes to pass, but sometimes, you can't escape reality.

Rainbow Road- Snap 724

Glynn takes a ride with his family...to a destination he would never expect.

Girl In The Dark - Snap 724

When Anna Lyndsey first felt the burning sensation on her skin she figured she’d go to a dermatologist and get a quick fix. But she quickly learned there was no such thing. The lengths she would have to go to find relief went beyond her worst nightmare.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Anna Lyndsey’s memoir: Girl in the Dark. And for an update on her condition check out her blog: Back to the Light.

Producer: Nancy López

Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

The Dog That Went Around The World - Snap 724

The story of the first dog to travel around the world (and refuse a free steak).

For more information on Owney's travels, be sure to check out the Post Office Museum's interactive map (postalmuseum.si.edu/exhibits/curren…usa-canada.html). But brace yourself, there's a lot of pins...

Producer: Joe Rosenberg
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Bionic Blondes - Snap 724

The hottest alien takeover of all time. This story was originally written by Kelly Link, and comes from her collection, Stranger Things Happen. It was adapted, directed, and produced by Mark Ristich and Eliza Smith.

Voice Actors: Glynn Washington and Joyce Lee

You can find all things Kelly Link at her website, kellylink.net/