Fortress of Solitude - Snap #721

On the next all-NEW Snap..."Fortress of Solitude." When the world because too much, you need a safe place to regroup.

Quiet Place

When Glynn needs to think, he goes to a place no one can reach him.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Jay J. Armes: Private Eye

Jay J. Armes was a real life superhero ... until real life intruded.  

Also be sure to check out Gary Cartwright’s original 1976 article on Jay J. Armes for Texas Monthly.

Producer: Vanessa Rancano

Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Switched On

Imagine spending the first four decades of your life in darkness. Then imagine that someone suddenly switches the lights on.

John Elder Robison is a writer, speaker and advocate for people with autism. Be sure to check out his neurodiversity work at the College of William and Mary as well as his car restoration work at Robison Services. Check out his book Switched On.

Producer and Sound Design: Davey Kim