Full Circle - Snap #702

On the next Snap…”Full Circle.” It's almost like deja vu. Almost. Except, you remember every single step of the journey. Amazing stories about ending up exactly where you got started.

When The Storm Comes

When Glynn leaves church in the middle of a blizzard, his father must brave the elements.

Producer: Mark Ristich

The Soul of the Soldier

An American soldier in Vietnam comes face to face with a surreal, lone North Vietnamese soldier in the jungle one hot afternoon. Decades later, he returns to Vietnam to help put the Vietnamese soldier’s soul to rest. Check out Wayne Karlin’s book “Wandering Souls.” And Homer Steedly’s website here.

Producer: Anna Sussman and Eliza Smith

Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

The Stare Down

Alaska mountain guide Jess Walsh and her friend went for a trail run in the forest. What they encountered was not what they were expecting.

Producer: Davey Kim
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto