The Grand Illusion - Snap #517

What if we wake up and discover -- that we're living in someone else's game? Snap Judgment proudly presents "The Grand Illusion."  Amazing stories from real people who finally see the trap they're in.

River Crossing

For his final rite of passage, Glynn must cross the uncrossable.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller


Mark Forgy was an All American boy from the midwest backpacking through Europe, when a chance meeting with a total stranger changed his life forever.

  To find out more about Mark’s story, be sure to pick up a copy of his memoir, and check out his website.    

Elmyr de Hory’s artwork can also be seen as part of an exhibit, Intent To Deceive , that’s currently touring the East Coast.  

Producer: Joe Rosenberg

Queen Of The Night

All Florence Foster Jenkins ever wanted was to be a professional musician. But her father would not have his little lady pursuing those kinds of dreams. So Florence took off on her own.But no amount of training could prepare Florence or her audience for what would happen next.

Producers: Julia Dewitt and Joe Rosenberg


At some point the jig is always up, and it’s often up when you least expect it.

Producer:Julia DeWitt