Hungry - Snap #201

Snap Judgment churns your stomach, tempts you with a phat dessert, then leads you to the brink of starvation with stories of hunger, thirst, cruelty and largess.  Download the free podcast and don't miss a morsel!


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Buffet of Atonement

“It ain’t good ‘til yer hungry.”  Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington brings us face to face with the the world’s most satisfying buffet.

Story by Glynn Washington, Produced by Stephanie Foo

Buried Alive

When Ricky Megee emerges from a shallow grave in the harsh Australian outback, fate forces him to redefine “food” as he struggles for survival.

Produced by Anna Sussman

The Orange

Storyteller Joel ben Izzy recalls a conversation he had with an older gent who describes the true beauty of a piece of fruit.

Visit Joel’s site for more stories.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Lost at Sea

It’s not always the smartest idea to lie about your previous experience.  Especially not when it involves sailing across the Atlantic Ocean head toward Europe.  Donna Salter learns her lesson in the middle of nowhere.

Produced by Stephanie Foo and Scott Gurian

Russian Cheese

In Soviet-era Russia, “Refuseniks” trying to escape the country were often denied their basic human rights by the Russian government. Debra Salan traveled to the Ukraine to help them, but encountered some KGB trouble of her own.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Thank You Jesus

Host Glynn Washington recalls the worst trip to the grocery store of his young life.

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