Invisible Cities - Snap #121

Sometimes one slip reveals the parallel universe humming right beside All-You-Thought-You-Knew.  This week, Snap Judgment proudly presents “Invisible Cities” where we dive into the hidden world next door.  Get the podcast now!

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38 Geary

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington learns that when you get on the bus, you better dress for the ride.


While walking in San Francisco one day, Delfin Vigil noticed the name “Nikko” etched into the sidewalk.  Then Delfin saw the name again.  And again. And again.  Delfin had to know, “Who is Nikko?”

Read Delfin's chapbook, Nikko: Concrete Commando, here.
Produced by Stephanie Foo

Taxi Pulp Fiction

Chicago's a tough city for a dame trying to stay out of trouble.  Stephanie Foo is trying to survive the asphalt jungle when she's picked up by a tough-talking cab driver who introduces her to the city under the city.

Jack Clark's book, Nobody's Angel, is available here.  Also, check out this blog for more information.

Produced by Stephanie Foo


Privately Owned Public Open Spaces, or POPOS, are these little gardens, terraces, plazas, and seating areas that are private property, but are mandated for public use.  Blaine Merker (from the badass design activist group Rebar) showed Snap producer Stephanie Foo around a few of San Francisco’s POPOS to find out just how public these open spaces really are.


From the amazing podcast 99% Invisible.


Produced by Roman Mars and Stephanie Foo.

Swimming in History

When producer Rita Daniels finds herself introduced to a woman whom no longer lives, Rita realizes she has passed into a time-morphing world where lives of the long-dead inhabit the walls.

Produced by Rita Daniels and Mark Ristich


If you’ve ever obsessed over life after death, don't worry.   WFMU's Benjamen Walker has all the answers . . .  You can hear Benjamen's amazing radio show, Too Much Information, right here.   Or just get the podcast (it ROCKS!)

You're kidding me, that happened on the bus? What was I smoking (nothing obviously on the bus), I never saw anybody get messed with on the bus except my friend when she thought she could outwit a 3-card guy & I had to pull a white chick for her. Actually I didn't have to but I was 18 & I just went to bat for my friend without even thinking about it. She probably shoulda had to lose her money, but she was never assertive as I kid & I always was...maybe things are worse with the economy?