It Wasn't Me: - Snap #223

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The Rabbi and the KKK

A New York Rabbi has his faith tested when he takes a job in Nebraska.

Producer: Anna Sussman, Rita Daniels, Renzo Gorrio

Chas Cab

An unexpected passenger joins Chas Jackson after a night out.
Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Celebrity Cell Phone

When Bob Gray moves to LA, he’s a nobody--a stranger surrounded by the glamour of Hollywood. But that all changes when he gets a new cell phone . . .

Thanks to author Adam Gropman, who wrote this article about Bob in the LA Times.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Your Dad Ruined My Life

What happens when you fill-in for a buddy at work, and it all goes horribly wrong? Connstance Squires finds out.

Check out her book “Along the Watchtower.”

Producer: Anna Sussman, Pat Mesiti-Miller

Prosecutor Penance

What’s the biggest mistake a prosecutor can make?
Producer: Anna Sussman

Teacher X

A beloved music teacher falls dangerously ill, but hides an even more dangerous secret . . .

Producer: Richard Parks, Stephanie Foo and Jamie DeWolf

Haircut Hooligan

Comedian Richard Stockton wants to look more dangerous - and a new haircut does the trick. Listen to more stories from Richard Stockton here.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller