Losing My Religion - Snap #320

Snap proudly presents stories about people looking for something to believe in and finding it in the most unexpected places . . .

Late Night Salvation

Insomnia leads Glynn to some late night soul searching and thankfully there is a TV evangelist to provide him some answers... for a price.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

The Flying Nun

A little girl in Brooklyn can help her whole community if she just devotes herself to becoming a nun. But what if she doesn't want to? read more of Eileen O’Toole’s story in her book, At Sister Anna’s Feet.

Producer: Anna Sussman

On the Road Again

Ingrid Ricks never really felt comfortable in the religious household she was raised in. The summer she turned 16, she finally found her voice. Read more about Ingrid’s story in her book Hippy Boy: A Girl’s Story.

Producers: Jamala Henderson and Renzo Gorrio

Standing Tall

When Robert V. Taylor was growing up in South Africa, religion saved him from a life of loneliness and pain. But as he got older, religion began to conflict with his homosexuality and his political beliefs--namely, that blacks should have equal rights as whites and that apartheid should be banished. Would he have to choose between God, his sexuality and racial equality?

Today, Robert V. Taylor is chair of The Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, an activist and a public speaker. He is also the author of the new book, A New Way to be Human. Check it out!

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Niagara Falls

At sixteen, Glynn's summer love turns serious when his church elders come to have a word with his father about the separation of the races.

Producer: Stephanie Foo