Who's Your Mama - Snap #1014

For Mothers Day, very special stories about the things we love and the things we can not change about our dear mamas.

Snap #1013 - Who's Your Mama Pt1 - Jen Kober "Waffle Woke" Live

Comic Jen Kober tells the story of the mother she never expected to find, on a journey she never expected to take.

Performed live at The Paramount in Oakland. 

Music composed by Bells Atlas.


Snap #1014 - Who's Your Mama Pt 2 "Nose Job"

When Roderick turns 18, he gets a special gift from his mom... for the one thing about him, she does not love.

Sound Design & Score: Leon Morimoto

Produced: Shaina Shealy, Mark Oppenheimer and the team at Unorthodox.