Preposterous - Snap #1002

In this age of fake news,  there is a lie, there's a damn lie, and there's a Facebook or Instagram post.  On the next Snap Judgment, "Preposterous."

One Wrong Lie

Nick Yarris says he was a junkie, a thief, and a liar. So when he was imprisoned on a false charge, no one believed in his innocence. Then he found his only way out.

Thank you so much to Nick Yarris. Check out his books, including his latest, “Monsters & Madmen: A Death Row Experiment.” Learn more at

Thank you also to the Wolfgram Memorial Library at Widener University, and its Reference Librarian & University Archivist Jill M. Borin for her help.

And lastly, thank you Nick Yarris’ former attorney, Michael J. Malloy.

Producer: Liz Mak
Original Score: Leon Morimoto

The Other Secret Weapon

A young man has the chance to work on a very secret, very powerful weapon that could put an end to world war II. The project involves no toxins, no chemicals, no shrapnel and no bullets. Instead, the project involves lots and lots of flying mammals. Lots.


Content Advisory:  This story details a war situation involving both people and animals, Listener Discretion Is Advised.