Drop Everything - Snap #103

We know you're busy. Real busy. Doing all that "stuff." And after you do the stuff, they want you to document the stuff. Then you better file the stuff. But then, you get the midnight phone call. In a moment, everything changes. Turns out, all that stuff doesn't matter. 'Cause it's "Drop Everything" time. (Get the podcast!)

The Gold Ring

What would you do if your best friend called to say she found the Buddha? Jeff Greenwald didn’t have to be told twice - he hopped on the next flight to meet the guy for himself.


Story by Jeff Greenwald.


Produced by Roman Mars.

A Lebanese Fairy Tale Wedding

Simone had never been to the middle east.  So when she landed in Beirut and found herself stranded, she told herself it would be alright to accept a ride from that handsome stranger she met on the plane . . .


Produced by Rebecca Hertz and Rita Daniels.

As I Lay Dying

Snap Judgment producer Mark Ristich drops everything to get to his grandmother for her final hours.  Sweet sentiment turns into panic as paramedics, hospice workers, and his own family battle it out while Grandma Rose lies on her death bed.

Office Space

Sometimes getting fired is the best that you can hope for. Host Glynn Washington keeps his head down, for once.

Drop Everything

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I am your biggest fan :) Seriosly, it makes me drop everything and sit still and listen. Days ago I was carried away with free printable crossword puzzle maker http://thecrosswordpuzzlemaker.net/ or sudoku or TV shows, but now I'm back to the radio!

I was painting my kitchen red, half listening to the show, when the name Papa G finally sunk in and I was transported to another kitchen in which I spent many hours, many years ago in the early 80s. I worked in a health food cafe in Baltimore, owned by followers of Papa G. What do I remember? They each had a story of what he told them when he looked into their eyes and they often recounted stories of previous lives. I loved working with them, and learned so much from them about caring for the body, but I could never grasp that their children were sent to India at the age of 5 for school, or that they got up at 2:30 a.m. for yoga. And marriages were pretty much arranged(although not all were). Oh, and I met Papa G. He arrived on an appointed evening to give a lecture,in a Rolls Royce, surrounded by pretty woman. He wore at least one very big ring, everyone kissed his hand and called him "Papa". He did not see me in the back of the cafe (washing dishes) but I did listen to him speak for awhile. I was more impressed by his followers than I was by him, but I trusted they knew what I could not know, and relished the experience.

The Jeff Greenwald story gave me not only a driveway moment, but a library parking lot moment. I was on the way to the library anyway. I had missed the first part of the story and arrived at the library only to sit and listen to the the end. AS soon as I heard Jeff's last name and the name of his book, I slammed the door and raced into the library, assuming the all my neighbors were on the library website trying to get the book. I looked a bit silly, but hey I was in the moment.

Hope you enjoy it.

Is The Gold Ring a true story? I can't tell if it's fiction or non ... but maybe that's the point.

Whooo Hooo, Great Story!