Seeking - Snap #407

An all NEW Snap!  We proudly present "Seeking," amazing stories from people searching for that which they may never find . .

Grayson the Whale

When you jump into the icy pacific ocean before the sun comes up to go for a swim, you never know what might decide to swim along with you.  Find out more about Lynn Cox and her books here.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Dear Father

The only father Kim Yong ever knew was the first leader of North Korea.  He grew up an orphan after the Korean War and was raised to be utterly devoted to the state; blindly loyal, even.  So blind that he couldn’t see what was coming.

Producer: Julia DeWitt

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Rocio Flores was raised in Coyoacan, Mexico. Her father, Andres Sanchez Flores, was an assistant to Diego Rivera, and she spent her childhood hanging out with Frida Kahlo. But it all was ripped away from her when she mysteriously moved to the middle of nowhere in the United States. The reasoning behind her move is a mystery that goes unsolved for almost 50 years.

Read Rocio’s article about her father and see pictures of his gorgeous work at Rocio’s blog.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

The Fountainhead

Feng thinks he’s met the woman of his dreams but he didn’t get her name. To find her he has to recruit some helpers--thousands of them. Check out the video Feng used in his search for love.

Producers: Mitzi Mock and Stephanie Foo