Shrapnel - Snap #917

When the fight is over we still have to deal with the pieces of the battle that remain inside.

Warrior Box

Brian is a marine, a war veteran that served in Iraq, but after he was wounded in battle, he was about to face his toughest fight of all.  His world felt like it was collapsing until his therapist showed him something that could save his life… a Warrior Box.


The Warrior Box Project is a mission that is grounded by a bond of trust and a common goal shared by its co-founders, Dr. Shauna Springer and Brian Vargas. They believe that the same bonds of love that drive Veterans to risk their lives for the people and values they hold sacred can help them stay in the good fight.


The Warrior Box Project gives Veterans a tangible way to reconnect with what they vowed to protect: the tribe of those they love and trust and the values they hold most sacred. In creating a Warrior Box, Veterans accept their worth in this world, control the warrior within themselves, and execute an effective action plan that is driven by their deepest values.  The Warrior Box is one part of a larger strategic plan that works within the cultural values and language common to many who have served in the military.


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Producer:  Jake Halpern and Nancy Lopez



The Soul of the Soldier

An American soldier in Vietnam comes face to face with a surreal, lone North Vietnamese soldier in the jungle one hot afternoon. Decades later, he returns to Vietnam to help put the Vietnamese soldier’s soul to rest. Check out Wayne Karlin’s book “Wandering Souls.” And Homer Steedly’s website here.

Producer: Anna Sussman and Eliza Smith

Original Score: Renzo Gorrio