Snap Holiday Special 2017 - Snap #832

The Snap Judgment Holiday Special features Glynn in Feast Mode, two good Santas in "Miracle on 22nd Street," a misguided angel in "Preaching to the Choir," and Snap story makers as they look back on their favorite stories of 2017.


Feast Mode

It ain’t good ‘til yer hungry.” Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington brings us face to face with the world’s most satisfying buffet.

Story by Glynn Washington
Produced by Stephanie Foo

Letters to Santa - Miracle on 22nd Street

You can feel when Christmas starts sweeping New York. The tree goes up in Rockefeller plaza, snow piles on lampposts.  For Dylan and Jim, the mailbox at their apartment on 22nd Street starts to fill up with letters to Santa. 

Thanks so much to the New York Times and Sarah Klein for making this gorgeous mini documentary about Dylan and Jim. It’s a must-watch. If you’re in New York, help Dylan and Jim out by visiting their Facebook page, but they ask that you also participate in Operation Santa. Operation Santa fulfills letters to Santa from children across the nation. You can get your own letter to fulfill at your local post office. 

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Preaching to the Choir

Long before Snap’s own Jazmin Aguilera was a producer, she sang with Music Makers, an impressively well-produced child’s Christian choir. But there was just one problem: The director Janet.

Producer: Jazmin Aguilera

Look Back with Snap Story Makers

Snap story makers look back on their favorite stories of 2017.