Sugar & Spice - Snap #304

Love is in the air, and this week Snap Judgment delivers stories of passion, heartbreak and the most important connection of all. Listen in, as real people relate their own experience with the craziest force in the universe.

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Heart Failure

Derrick suffered four heart attacks by the age of 27. What happens in love when your heart won’t work?

Produced by Stephanie Foo and Jamie DeWolf

The Wrap

Smooth talking L. Abdul Kenyatta courts the love of his life and explains the roots of Hip-Hop to his son.

Produced by Jamie Dewolf
Sound Design by Pat Mesiti-Miller

Borrowed Dresses

Kristin Collier discovers that if you love someone, sometimes, you really do have to set them free . . .

Producer: Stephanie Foo


An artistic gesture of affection takes on a life of its own in this whimsical tale by the one and only Rives.

Check out more of his latest adventures at

Produced by Jamie DeWolf Sound Design by Renzo Gorrio


The collapse of family draws twin sisters closer together than even they thought possible.

Producer Anna Sussman


When you’re born with Cerebral Palsy, learning how to fall is just as important as learning how to walk - but what if you just want to fall in love?

Natalie E. Illum is a founding board member of mothertongue, a DC women's spoken word non-profit since 1998, and has an MFA in creative writing from American University. She performs with Story League and SpeakEasy DC. For more information, visit

Produced by Jamie DeWolf and Anna Sussman

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