The Klan - Snap #809

On the next Snap..."The Klan." The word instills fear in many, fascination in some, and allegiance in others, and on the next Snap Judgment we're going face to face.

Black Man Down - Snap 809

No one ever told Glynn why grandpa’s chair was empty at the dinner table.

The Silver Dollar Lounge

Daryl Davis is a boogie woogie pianist who’s played with Bill Clinton, Bruce Hornsby, and Chuck Berry. But we wanted to talk to him about another group of his friends.

Daryl Davis wrote a book about his experiences with the Klan in a book called “Klan-Destine Relationships.”

Producer: Nick van der Kolk, with Renzo Gorrio

Pen Pals

Storyteller and artist Christy Chan is an American-born Chinese woman.  She was confident in her identity until her family moved to a new town and she began getting letters from a mysterious, (possibly magical) stranger.

Christy's working on a short film about her experience--check out the trailer here. 

Producers: Stephanie Foo and Renzo Gorrio

The Rabbi and the KKK

A New York Rabbi has his faith tested when he takes a job in Nebraska.

Producer: Anna Sussman, Rita Daniels, Renzo Gorrio