The Man - Episode 118

Snap Judgment attacks the most powerful enemy in the history of modern civilization.  That’s right, we’re taking on “The Man. “

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The Living Dead

Lal Behari got up all fresh and bright one morning and walked to the bank--where he found out that he was dead. Or he was on paper, anyway. And no matter how hard he tried to prove his existence, nobody would believe otherwise.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

The Man Montage

Audio montage.

The Narc

Right or wrong, John “narced” out his best buddy.  He learned the hard way that when you go undercover for “The Man”, you can kiss your old life goodbye.

Produced by Andrew Parsons, with sound design by Stephanie Foo and Anna Sussman.

Sixteen to Life

When Brenda Clubine landed in prison with a life sentence for murder, she realized she was in a position to save the lives of countless women.

Link to Sin by Silence

Produced by Anna Sussman.

Petition Village

In China, local governments can often be corrupt, but you can’t bring them to court. You have to go through a long, painful bureaucratic process called “petitioning.” Some camp for years in a makeshift “petition village”, awaiting their chance at justice. Qi and her daughter Juan, just two petitioners out of millions, give everything up to find justice. The audio from this story is taken from the documentary Petition, by Zhao Liang.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Wrong Tom

Mistaken identity colors a decision made years later.


Produced by Rita Daniels, Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich.

Sixteen to Life was one of the most moving segments I've heard in a long time. Your show is remarkable, Glynn.