Throwback - Snap #711

On the next Snap..."Throwback." When you're getting down with your bad self and the DJ says "oldies" know you've gone old school.

Jheri Curl Money

Glynn's brother is the gloved one who can turn him into "The King" for a day.

Producer: Mark Ristich


While walking in San Francisco one day, Delfin Vigil noticed the name “Nikko” etched into the sidewalk.  Then Delfin saw the name again.  And again. And again.  Delfin had to know, “Who is Nikko?”

Read Delfin's chapbook, Nikko: Concrete Commando, here.
Produced by Stephanie Foo

Homeboy Sandman - Survival of the Freshest

Stones Throw Hip Hop artist Homeboy Sandman remembers when he first decided to take his music full time. When the rhymes don’t cover the rent, the New York emcee finds himself deep in the red and facing eviction.

Homeboy Sandman’s new album, “First of A Living Breed,” is out now on Stones Throw Records. It was listed as one of the top 50 albums of 2012 by NPR. Check it out!
Also, be on the look out for his writing for The Huffington Post.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Get Right With Your God

Donald Cabana thought he understood his job as prison warden, but never knew it would cost so much . . .


Producer: Anna Sussman

Stealing Ann by Scott Kravitz

Stealing is not cool..unless it saves a life, or two. Animator and storyteller Scott Kravitz explains why he stole from a homeless person, and wins over our Snap Judgment audience with his sneaky charisma.

Original Music by Alex Mandel
Performed Live by Alex Mandel and The Snap Judgment Players