Tricksy - Snap #208

Snap Judgment proudly presents “Tricksy.”  White lies, cold-blooded deceptions and whoppers.  Some lies you tell to others, but most folks save the best ones for themselves.  Listen now, or get the podcast!

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Mucho Gusto

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington enacted a secret plan to win over his not-yet-girlfriend’s family.  

Unfortunately, he missed out on one crucial bit of information.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Out of My League

A young man told the girl of his dreams the ultimate lie to win her heart.  And it actually worked.

(For a while.)


Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Family Affair

Everybody loves their family.  But Rebecca really, really, REALLY loves her family.

Produced by Matt Miller and Mitzi Mock

Tarnished Gold Star

After the government drafted David’s brother to Vietnam, a lie stole his story from their family.

When David pieced together what really happened, his search for the truth changed everything.

David Ledesma would like to thank the members of the 35th Infantry Regiment Association for all of their support in his research, and the men who served with his brother Joe.

Information about the 35th Infantry Regiment Association available here.   Information on David's organization, One Voice, is available here

Produced by Anna Sussman.

Seventh Grade Birthday Party

In seventh grade, Rachel Hamilton knew she wasn’t down with the “in crowd.”  What she didn’t know is how far they would go to keep her out.

Rachel Hamilton is now an improvisational actor and teacher living in New York City.  She currently performs in the long form improv duo “Hamilton & Falcon”  at the Magnet Theater in NYC.

Produced by Mark Ristich and Mitzi Mock.

Big Harley Guy

Mark Ristich was a rookie process server up for anything until he got his scariest assignment:  "Big Harley Guy."

The Steelers Van

Pennsylvania State Constables Hubie Coleman and Albert “Rocky” Younkin tried to get long-time outlaws off the street with varying degrees of success. Finally, they used their ultimate weapon: a van decorated in the NFL Steelers' colors and the team logo.

Tricksy Mix

The Tricksy Foo Mix


Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Why not put the podcast download on your website? Going to itunes is like going to Walmart; it has far too much crap to wade thru to get the one item I want.

Y'all did it again!! Keep it up !!